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Wave Tools.
Established 1969 – California.

Wave Tools
1779 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Phone (949)-631-0887



Wave Tools Surfboards was founded by Lance Collins in 1969. Constantly pushing the envelope of high performance surfboard design and never following the latest trend, Lance remains an innovator by simply making surfboards that work better.

During the 80’s it was impossible to go to the beach in Southern California and not see a Wave Tools surfboards. Neon board art dawned by Danny Kwock and other Eco Beach scensters were a beacon of the new school. Everybody had to have a Wave Tools and before long everybody was trying to emulate Wave Tools’ cool look and new school surfboard designs.

The original Wave Tools Shop at 1779 Placentia Ave in Costa Mesa is still open for business. Thanks to co-owner RS Elliot the Wave Tools shop produces some of the best surfboards in Southern California on a daily basis. The shop encourages drop-ins and has become a fixture in the Costa Mesa/ Newport surf scene.

It is not uncommon to see riders and friends hanging out in the shop talking surf, art and board design. Wave Tools surfboards uses rider feedback, which includes getting surfers like Andrew Doheny into the shaping bay to make there own boards, to fine tune our already progressive shapes.

By constantly tweaking and searching for new capabilities in surfboard design Wave Tools insures professional surfers and yourself will be riding boards that maximize fun and progression.

Wave Tools would like to encourage anybody looking for a surfboard that not only works but has a unique flair to stop by the shop and order a board.

Maximizing fun and progression by constantly tweaking and refining our products.

We encourage our riders and the community to get in the shop and work on their own boards or watch them being built.


Our location on Placentia Ave has become a community fixture. The shop is a melting pot for Southern California culture and meeting point for the surf community members in the area. On any given day professional surfers will be dropping by to shape a board or talk shop, the local groms will be gathering for shaping tutorials or a random recording session and impromptu jam will session will just be kicking off.


From the beginning Wave Tools has been about making products that help you surf better. Our board have been proven over the decades and have made it into some of the top surfers in the worlds quivers. Today you see Andrew Doheny flipping the tail out on his Wave Tools around the world and a whole host of Newport Shredders who swear by Wave Tools Surfboards performance.


Today youth, and Kelly Slater (540’s past 40?) are evolving surfing from session to session. That’s why we place a great deal of importance in our close working relationship with some of the best surfers in the world and why we are eager to hear how your boards are functioning. The Wave Tools shaping bay and near by Newport peaks have become a hub for rapid experimentation, testing, tweaking and improvement.

 Our goal is to improve the capabilities of surfboard design and the understanding board of mechanics to insure professionals and enthusiast alike are surfing better.


Custom Board Building

We offer custom boards builds for individual shredders and select distributors through out the world. We have a world class team of craftsman; including shapers, glassers and airbrush artists on hand.

Custom Wetsuits

Our secret line on premium Japanese rubber and wetsuit manufacturing allows up to offer a superior wetsuit that is truly one of a kind.

Apparel and Accessories

Artist designed and all about fun. Are apparel and accessories represent the Southern California core surfers lifestyle.

Distribution and Selective Partneship

Very selective partnerships with surf manufactures like Aviso allow us to bring you unique goods and surf technology from around the world.

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