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Wave Tools, Waversons, Andrew Doheny (Spring Edition)

Don’t forget to get a copy of Waversons Magazine this spring. Be on the look out!!! Only 1000 copies available. Thank You, Givanni Angelone @waversons for the amazing sequence shots of our team rider Andrew Doheny. Get them while they’re available @Froghouse and legit surf shops in the orange county area. #froghouse #waversons #wavetoolssurfboards

Wave Tools Surfboards now available @Froghouse

New boards now available at Froghouse Newport Beach, California, grab one of our original models before there gone!! Photo @metal_jimmy @froghouse with @andrewdoheny signature model the yew turn!!! Free up your game.. “If its not metal, its not wave tools”. #wavetoolssurfboards #yewturn #hear #froghouse #metalneck

#GoSurfAlready Andrew Doheny Volcom Rules

Check Andrew ripping with the Volcom crew on location! Check out #GoSurfAlready at Right on Matt Shuster and Ryan Thomas and veeco for delivering more sick content! Thank you, Yew! Credits Below: Published on Jul 28, 2014 Surfers in order of appearance: Andrew Doheny Carlos Muñoz Parker Coffin Zeke Lau Dusty Payne Alex […]

Droid’s Leftovers from Matt Tromberg on Vimeo

Wave Tools would invite you to check out this original web teaser from Metal Neck, Droid’s Leftovers! Check out Andrew Doheny making it happen. Sick clips! Can’t wait for metal neck 2! Yew!!! Where’s Jimmy?!  

Wave Tools, Waversons, Andrew Doheny (Winter Edition)

Thank You! Steven Sauter @waversons for the photos. Credits to Andrew Doheny and Steve for linking up this Dual! Roomer has Waversons is expanding, going quarterly, with larger print run along with enhance technique imaging higher value!!! Get your copy before they’re gone!!!  

Surf Expo (Orlando, FL) 2015

Wave Tools looks forward to seeing everyone at the 2016 Surf Expo next year! Give us a call now, dealer inquiries welcome. Stay in touch follow us on Facebook and add us on Instagram @WAVETOOLSSURFBOARDS, International, National, Local. Wave Tools Surfboards, Since 1969. Dealer inquires available through email: Booth # 359   Lance Collins & Don Johnston   Trip Chandler […]

Ben Benson

International, national, local, living in Baili, California, and Hawaii. 11-year-old Ben Benson has been turning heads lately both on land and in the water. The mixed Indonesian-American grom started skating in California when he was only six, then took up surfing two years ago when his family moved back to Bali, his place of birth. In […]


Credits: To the crew at What Youth, you Rule! Thank You ! ! !

Winning Surfing Kickflip for Volcoms (Above and Off Lip) Contest Zoltan Torkos $20k

Zoltan “Magician” Torkos, Congratulations! From the crew at Wave Tools, Anything’s Possible! Zoltan and Elijah, Partytime and the rest of the crew, you rule! Astonishing feature, inspirational, thank you, to all out there, never give up! 60 min. CBS material, for sure, Timeless! Credits: Zoltan “The Magician” Torkos Edit by Elijah Crowell Music: “Black […]

Zoltan “The Magician” Torkos First Ever Darkslide Flip Surfing & Kickflip #31

The World’s first, “Darkslide to kick-flip” out of Zoltan’s latest clips and rips it up! As Elijah Crowell and Robie Hinson team up on the camera’s to capture history in the making! We are seeing an amazing feet of surfing progression that is sure to leave you speechless! Definately lite years ahead! How many? Has […]